Video: Eli Manning debuts ‘Trump’ audible call

The Manning brothers make the best audibles. Trust me, they’re the best. The calls are high-energy. Short. Concise. The best. They aren’t calls for losers, because the Manning brothers have made audible calls great again.

On Sunday morning, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning took the American political cycle overseas with a “Trump” audible call against the Los Angeles Rams in London.

It all could be a coincidence, but we’re going to guess it was a nod to the Republican presidential candidate. There is one problem, though… the Giants won.

If there is any play that is deserving of the “Trump” label from Sunday’s game, it would have to be this prayer launched at the end of the game that came up in the wrong hands. It resembles Trump’s scorched Earth approach to the final stages of the campaign perfectly.

7-9 bullshit

— Mike Tunison (@xmasape) October 23, 2016

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