Scott Frost explains why UCF didn’t accept ConFLiCT trophy

Did anybody know that UCF and UConn are rivals? Neither did their head coach Scott Frost.

UCF beat “rival” UConn this weekend 24-16, then did the equivalent of dropping the mic: they left the field without taking the trophy. In his press conference, coach Frost sat down to answer questions and seemed annoyed by the fact it was the subject of the first question.

“Coach there’s been a lot made about that trophy and UCF not accepting it, did you know there was a trophy on their sideline?”

To which Frost replied: “that’s the first question?”

UCF, who stayed on the field to thank their fans, were either uninterested or unaware they had just won a rivalry game. Or perhaps it was the single greatest stroke of genius in the history of rivalry games; a watershed moment in the art of the grudge match: UCF holds such disregard for their rival, they don’t even want to partake in the exchange of spoils with them.

That seems unlikely, though. Without having done any research, I’m going to assume the “Civil Conflict” is the most boring rivalry name in FBS.

It’s something that happens in line at a grocery store, not at a football game. Good win for UCF.

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