Jimmy Kimmel’s 2016 Halloween challenge is better than ever

Jimmy Kimmel is back with his sixth annual Halloween challenge and this may be the best one yet.

The premise of one of Kimmel’s most popular segments is simple. Parents tell kids they ate their Halloween candy and film the results before uploading them to YouTube. Sure, it’s a bit cruel, but it’s hilarious to watch the results of the prank.

This year, the parents once again knocked it out of the park.

Kimmel claims there were more submissions in 2016 than ever before, so that explains why the bar has been raised.

There was the hysterical crying you have come to expect, some adorable and forgiving youngsters that really didn’t care in the end, and then one little smartass who knew he was being set up for the Kimmel segment all along.

Check it out:

Comedy gold.

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