Video: Colorado Buffaloes mascot perfects the Mannequin Challenge


The Mannequin Challenge continues to be an internet sensation, and now it’s welcomed the animal kingdom. This week, the Colorado University Buffaloes threw their black cowboy hats in the ring and landed deftly at the top of the Mannequin Challenge ranks.

Not because they were in the most outrageous, or the most still), but because of the behemoth in the pen; Ralphie.

The Colorado Buffalo mascot, Ralphie, remains statuesque every time the camera pans across her enclosure. The first two times it pans across rather quickly, providing a hole for criticism, but Ralphie is center stage to end the video; pillar of salt.

Check it out:

Hats off to Ralphie, the 8-year-old bison that lives on campus at Colorado University. Ralphie V, as she is the fifth iteration of the living Buffalo mascot tradition, weighs approximately 1,200 pounds.

She is currently able to run a lap around Folsom field, the equivalent of running two football field lengths, in 25 seconds.

I haven’t seen speed and size like that since Warren Sapp.

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