Video: Ohio State fan proposes to girlfriend on GameDay, gets booed

Love is eternal. It is impossible not to recognize when you see it and it runs deep into the fibers of who we are as a species. Just… not as deep as hate.

Ahead of the Ohio State-Michigan game today, one member of the Ohio State fan base decided the moment was right to propose to his girlfriend, who I have gathered is named Mandy, on ESPN’s College GameDay.

A beautiful moment, one they will both undoubtedly remember for all time; if for no other reason than a dude in Michigan gear was booing throughout the proposal.

the subtle shove really made the proposal

— David Ruff (@dcarterruff) November 26, 2016

my hero is this guy booing a marriage proposal

— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) November 26, 2016

He is right in her ear too, directly over her shoulder.

The couple didn’t seem deterred and the smile on Mandy’s face suggests that she didn’t realize someone was booing during her proposal. The only Michigan Wolverine fan in the entire shot, he was sure to make his presence felt.

Cheers to the Michigan fan booing an Ohio State fan's marriage proposal, that's pure and I respect it

— BUM CHILLUPS (@edsbs) November 26, 2016

That is the nature of fandom summarized. Best of luck to the betrothed and a fist-bump  to the man who booed them.

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Photo Credit: Twitter