Art Briles won’t be interviewed for Houston coaching job

Well, that didn’t last long.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that former Baylor head coach Art Briles might be interviewed for the coaching position at Houston, the school where he was first a head coach. A

fter massive backlash, it appears they’ve had a change of heart.

Houston Vice President of Athletcis Hunter Yurachek released the following statement:

It appears Briles remains just as untouchable as people thought. Eventually, he will find his way back into the FBS, but it doesn’t appear that will happen yet.

Fired over the sexual assault scandal at Baylor, it could be some time until Briles finds someone willing to take the heat for hiring him.

This a particularly tough blow to Briles chances of coaching anytime soon. As the former head coach of Houston, if anybody were willing to take a hit for him, it would be the university of which he is a member of the community.

Whether Houston was really considering Briles or not can’t be known.

But, if they were considering him, they aren’t anymore.

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