Jim Harbaugh explains ‘jive turkey,’ loves The Rockford Files

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has used the term “jive turkey” on countless occasions throughout his career.

Most recently, Harbaugh blamed his “enemies” and “jive turkeys” for starting the rumors that linked him to the Los Angeles Rams. That left people wondering: “What in the world is a jive turkey?”

Some Michigan players said it was a quote from the movie Semi-Pro, but Harbs took to Twitter to clear the air.

As far as the Wolverines coach is concerned, he is using the term to pay homage to Gandolph Finch and Jim Rockford from the television drama “The Rockford Files,” which aired from the mid-1970’s to 1980.

The slang refers to “someone who is jiving, as in dancing. Often applied to people being funny or showy.”

Thanks for the update, Coach!

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