Assistant NFL GM blasts players skipping bowl games: ‘They’re selfish puss***’

One of the most controversial topics in college football recently has been the decision by some of the top players in the nation to skip out on their team’s bowl games in order to prepare for the NFL Draft.

Those who are understanding and realize the players are looking out for their futures have no issue with the decisions, while there are some who believe the players should continue to sacrifice their bodies in an exhibition game with no compensation.

Apparently one assistant NFL general manager is more of the irrational type.

NFL columnist Mike Freeman shared a quote from an assistant GM that shows just how out of touch some people in the football world are. The assistant GM was commenting on decisions by LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey, calling them “selfish puss***.”

That seems a bit harsh.

Some of the hot takes that have come out since players began looking out for themselves have been pretty mind-boggling. Let’s just hope there are other GMs who have more of a sense of reason.

And despite the blistering hot take, we have a feeling that the assistant GM would love for his team to have either of those “selfish puss***” on their roster.

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