Max Kellerman proposes solution to fix Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football stands out as an oddity in the NFL. It throws off the typical workweek for NFL players and coaches and is a obvious prioritization of profits over everything else.

With players like Seattle’s Richard Sherman becoming more vocal in publicly discussing their displeasure with the league’s Thursday night games, it has prompted some to try and find a way to make it viable.

Max Kellerman of ESPN First Take offered his thoughts on what could be done.

The key points of Kellerman’s plan include the following:

  • Only teams coming off a bye week will play on Thursday nights
  • Weekly Thursday night divisional double-headers, meaning every team in a division also has the same bye week
  • Extend the season to 18 weeks and give teams two bye weeks

These kind of changes would obviously be several seasons away. However, the increasing media coverage detailing why it doesn’t work might force the NFL to make some kind of change sooner rather than later.

With player safety becoming the largest topic of concern, their will be abundant opposition to any increase in the length of the season.

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