Texas football fans bought a whole lot of alcohol at games in 2016

Alcohol sales at Texas football games have been allowed for the past two seasons, but that hasn’t stopped fans from taking advantage of boozing up on game days and turning a huge profit for the university.

According to Brian Davis of the American Statesman, the athletic department generated a whopping $3.1 million in revenue during the 2016 college football season from alcohol sales.

The figure marks a 71.5 percent increase in sales from a year ago.

The complete breakdown is as follows: $2.8 million came from beer sales, $128,321 in wine and $141,632 from liquor.

It’s not surprising that football fans are taking alcohol to the dome during home games at Darrell K. Royal-Memorial Stadium, especially with a second straight losing season under Charlie Strong. You have to deal with your teams struggles somehow.

Perhaps the most surprising statistic is that fewer than 90 Budweisers were sold all season; so much for that King of Beers label, eh?

A complete breakdown of the beers sales from 2016 can be seen below:

Beer Type Units Sold
Miller Lite 98,535
Coors Light 95,096
Bud Light 34,257
Shiner Bock 1,411
Lone Star 952
Michelob Ultra 741
Budweiser 89

Bottoms up!

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Michigan DT Maurice Hurst Jr. returning to school
Michigan DT Maurice Hurst Jr. returning to school