‘Santa’ Ezekiel Elliott continues to be the best teammate in the world

Not only is Ezekiel Elliott running away with the NFL rushing title and Offensive Rookie of the Year honors, the star Dallas Cowboys running back is establishing himself as one of the best gift-giving teammates in the entire league.

After hooking up his offensive linemen with some brand new John Deere XUVs for Christmas, Zeke got himself and fellow rookie Dak Prescott a special gift.

Elliott got some 14 karat gold diamond pendants made for the dynamic duo that spell out their jersey numbers.

Not only do the pendants spell out their jersey numbers, 214, it also happens to be one of the area codes in Dallas, Texas. Pretty clever, right?

Check out their new pendants below:

Dallas Cowboys fans certainly love Ezekiel Elliott for his 1,551 yard, 13 touchdown performance through 14 games this season, but it’s pretty clear that his teammates must love him, too.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Campus Sports
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Campus Sports