Butler basketball team has flight scare after plane loses cabin pressure

The Butler basketball team had a terrifying experience following Thursday night’s three-point loss to St. John’s in New York.

On the flight from LaGuardia Airport back to Indianapolis, the team plane went dark and oxygen masks came down as the players and coaching staff were informed the cabin lost pressure.

The scare took place 25 minutes into the flight and those on board the plane were so scared they began texting their loved ones.

During the loss of cabin pressure, the plane plummeted more than 20,000 feet.

“It started to get really cold and the plane went completely dark,” Butler head coach Chris Holtmann told ESPN. “Then all the oxygen masks came flying down, and the flight attendant told everyone to put the masks on. She kept repeating it.

“We had a really rapid descent. In the span of 10 or 12 minutes, we went from 35,000 feet to 10,000 feet.”

After the terrifying situation was over, the team plane landed in Pittsburgh and stayed overnight.

“As a coach, you are obviously thinking of your family,” Holtmann added. “But you are also thinking about all the young men on the plane.

“I was shook. It was scary. We had guys crying.”

With the team safely in Pittsburgh, they will now make the rest of the journey to Indianapolis on a bus.

After a scare like that, you have to imagine the players were happy not to get back onto a plane immediately. Thankfully everyone remained safe.

Butler returns to action Sunday, Jan. 1 against Providence at home. Tip-off is set for 3 p.m. ET on the CBS Sports Network.

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Photo Credit: Twitter

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