Britney Spears is getting her own Lifetime movie and it looks promising

Britney Spears was once at the apex of pop-music/teenage boy fantasies. They both, after all, usually go hand-in-hand.
After a very public mental and professional collapse, she’s rebuilt herself and is now inspirational enough to have her own Lifetime Movie. Though she will likely never achieve the fame she once had, her brand is again making money and avoiding the press for the wrong reasons.
The trailer was released on Monday and, well, yeah it looks like you’ll want to watch.

The most compelling part of this movie will undoubtley be her marriage to Kevin Federline — a man who springboard from Spears’ success to a rap career in which he employed lyrics like “I’m hot like pizza.” this should be good fun.
Spears will be played by Natasha Bassett, who you might recognize from…uh…never mind.
Bassett has appeared in a number of television episodes and made for TV movies dating as far back as 2009. Given the intrigue of the subject whom she is depicting, a stellar performance could lead to a wealth of opportunities for the actress. But, it’s a Lifetime movie, so that’s not overwhelmingly likely. Paycheck should be nice, though.

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