Louisville, Rick Pitino respond to NCAA Notice of Allegations

Rick Pitino is guilty of nothing, according to a 93 page report from Louisville and a separate 43 page report by Pitino’s attorney’s. Last year in October, the NCAA accused Louisville of four violations, including Pitino’s failure to monitor staff member Andre McGee.
McGee allegedly spent $5,400 on strippers and escorts to dance/have sex with potential recruits and current players.
While Louisville accepts the actions by McGee were “appalling and inexcusable,” they feel that Pitino in no way should be subject to any punitive action by the NCAA.
They also feel that the actual dollar amount is so low that the violations should be considered a secondary violation, not a major one.
The school also contends several of the finer charges in the allegations, including that McGee’s failure to cooperate should not be held against the school, as he was no longer affiliated with the institution. They also dispute three of the 40 alleged interactions between escorts and players.
Louisville has already self-imposed a post season ban for the 2015-2016 season and is looking to minimize any further punishment.
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