North Carolina won't host NCAA Tournament game until 2022 if HB2 isn't repealed

The state of North Carolina could be missing out on NCAA Tournament games for the next five years if the controversial HB2 law is not repealed by the end of the month, according to reports.
Deadspin reports a letter sent by the N.C. Sports Association to legislators in the North Carolina General Assembly states “all North Carolina bids” from next season through 2022 will be removed in “7-10 days” if HB2 still stands.

HB2 is an anti-LGBTQ law which prohibits the transgender community from using the bathroom of the gender they identify with.
Democrats in the state have been trying their best to repeal the law, but so far, no dice.
This isn’t the first time the state has had NCAA events removed because of House Bill 2, with all of the ACC Championship Games moved from North Carolina for 2017.
If the NCAA continues to impact the state’s revenue streams from sporting events, we could see a change sooner rather than later.
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