Adrian Wojnarowski could be leaving Yahoo! for ESPN

As the NBA trade deadline looms, there are a precious few certainties in the realm of professional basketball. It’s a time when teams have to decide whether they think they can contend this year or if they should retool for next season. Countless roster transactions are on the way; potentially some big name stars at that. But this could be the biggest scoop of the season, if only because who is being scooped.
Adrian Wojnarowski has established himself as the gold standard of “breaking news” in the world of sports. Always a step ahead of the pack when it comes to knowing who is being moved where, his “Woj Bombs” are nothing short of infamous. But this time, he is the Woj Bomb. A recent report suggests that Wojnarowski could be leaving Yahoo! for rival ESPN in the coming months.
Wojnarowski, who has his own site on Yahoo! called The Vertical will likely be bringing members of his staff along with him to his new sports home. Currently, Wojnarowski is in the second year of a four year contract, which might complicate matters as buyout terms would need to be reached. Wojnarowski almost joined ESPN after 2012 when his contract with Yahoo! expired, but ultimately decided to stay with Yahoo!
This would be a huge coupe for ESPN, heads and tails the leader in sports entertainment. With the scoop machine on their side, they can rest a little more easy that Fox and Yahoo! aren’t tailgating them so hard.

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