Pamela Anderson does incredibly sexy Valentine's Day commercial

Pamela Anderson was the sight in every boys minds eye when she was on Baywatch. Having established herself as an icon for her bountiful beauty, she went to a successful career in which she likely never had to worry about money.
If she was ever able to find a way to turn a profit on those Tommy Lee tapes that “leaked,” she probably wouldn’t be doing this ad.
As she approaches her 50th birthday, Anderson still looks half her age and is every bit the bombshell she was when the dough starting pouring in. How many celebrities could pull of an ad like this at that age?

Anderson has sold sex her entire career, so this commercial shouldn’t come as much of a shock. I question the accuracy of her taste in music depicted here, but I guess that isn’t really the point, is it…
As to whether or not Coco de Mer will sell more of their product because they’ve attached Pamela Anderson to it, who knows. Maybe to Borat.
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