UCLA Cheerleader Falls From Pyramid Then Gets Dropped Again

One UCLA cheerleader had a night to forget.

Unfortunately, that will be hard to do when the incident(s) went viral during Thursday night’s game against Oregon.

Sophie Lellis-Petrie was the cheerleader who stole the spotlight when she was first dropped from the top of a pyramid. If that wasn’t bad enough, while she was being carried off the court, the doofus who was supposedly to be helping her ended up tripping, dropping her again, and then falling on top of her.

Smooooooooth, dude.

Check out Miss Sophie in action:

This poor UCLA cheerleader fell from the pyramid, then the guy carrying her off slips & falls on top of her (h/t @AJPONE) pic.twitter.com/cYeaiJowxL

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) February 10, 2017

The good news — for anyone who feels bad bout chuckling — is that she was able to walk off the court under her own power and eventually came back onto the floor for the end of the game.

The real person who should be embarrassed her is the dude who dropped her on the way out. C’mon, man!

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Photo Credit: Deadspin/Twitter