Kyrie Irving Believes The Earth Is Flat

Kyrie Irving recently appeared on Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson’s podcast. The Cleveland Cavaliers teammates spoke affably, familiarly and comfortably with each other. So comfortably in fact, that Kyrie Irving challenged many hundreds of years of scientific discovery and progress.
Irving thinks Pythagorus was full of it — count Kyrie among those who subscribe to the Flat Earth Theory.
That’s right, Kyrie Irving believes the earth is flat, not round as we’ve all been fooled into believing. When asked how he justified this belief, Irving’s answer was so succinct and plain that it might cause even the most seasoned astronomer to momentarily balk: “Because it is right in front of our faces.” Airtight.
It would be easy to rail on Irving for holding a belief that has been proven incorrect with mathematics, photographic and physical evidence, but hold your criticism for just a moment.
…Just keep holding it, there’s no use arguing here.
Irving continued:

“If you really think about it from a landscape of the way we travel, the way we move, and the fact that, can you really think of us rotating around the sun, and all planets aligned, rotating in specific dates, being perpendicular with what’s going on with these ‘planets’ and stuff like this.”

For what it’s worth, the only time the planets have ever “aligned” is in Hercules.
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