VIDEO: Jason Williams Hits The Elbow Pass During All-Star Celebrity Game

White Chocolate. In an evening full of the strange, the bizarre and the comically grotesque Jason Williams put on a little blacktop magic with a slick elbow pass.
What’s an elbow pass? It’s his patented move that delivers the ball to your teammate with, well, your elbow.
Check it out:

It certainly looks like Williams still has the goods. He is a confirmed participant in the startup 3-on-3 league that Ice Cube is putting together. With other stars like Allen Iverson and Chauncey Billups on board as well, it looks like we’ll be in for a treat when it gets up and running.
If nothing else, Williams is doing great promo for what could develop into a post-NBA league for those who are able-bodied, but not the way they were when they were 19 and rookies in the league.
If not for the bungled reception, Williams’ behind the back elbow bump pass would have been the kind of thing slick moving passing dreams are made of. All the same, even after watching the video about 40 times, it’s still easy to get caught off guard by the pass.
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