Auburn Student Earns $5,000 For Tuition By Sinking Halfcourt Granny Shot


One Auburn student is having himself quite the weekend.

While he was unable to see the Tigers secure a victory against Arkansas on Saturday night, junior Ben Bode had the chance to win some money with the university’s “Golden Flake Tuition Shootout.”

All Bode needed to do was make a lay-up, free throw, three-pointer and halfcourt shot to earn $5,000 towards tuition.

Bode executed to perfection.

The lay-up was a little shaky, but he went on to drill the free throw and three-pointer, before lining up for the halfcourt shot… granny style. Bode lobbed the ball into mid-air and… SWOOSH. Nothing but net.

Just like that, a legend was born.

Have yourself a day, Ben.

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