VIDEO: Tim Tebow Cracks Homers At Mets Spring Training

Remember when the Lord put Tim Tebow on the Earth to be a quarterback in the NFL? Well, he changed his mind.
Last year, Tim Tebow decided that the Lord put him on the Earth to draw a huge crowd at Minor League Mets games. Now with winter breaking and hope busting at the seams for 30 Major League Baseball teams, the two most magical words of the year are rolling off tongues everywhere you go: Spring Training.
Tebow got an invite, and with it will come an undue amount of press and coverage for a player with a nearly zero-percent chance of making the pro-squad. But who cares about that crap? Tebow’s strange, winding and inspiring career rolled into the batters box today for a little batting practice.
And you know what? He looked pretty darn good.

His swing looks less mechanical than it did a year ago. The fluidity that eluded him and kept him from becoming a star in the NFL doesn’t appear to be plaguing him at the plate.
At 29 years old, the clock is ticking for Tebow’s pro-ball career. Assuming he makes the team by the time he is 30 years old, he will need to average 50 home runs a year until he is 40 to have a shot at Cooperstown.
Best of luck, Tim.
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