High School Basketball Player Nails Full Court Buzzer Beater To Win Playoff Game

We see this a couple of times a year, and somehow it is better every time. You expect it, and you know what is coming, but you are still surprised to see the ball find the bottom of the net.
In one of the most confounding buzzer-beaters you will ever see, Central Christian Academy downed Indianapolis Arlington and thrilled a sold out crowd of 85.
With only half of a second left on the clock, there was barely time to catch and shoot the ball, but barely was enough for Central Christian’s Josh Clanton who heaved up the game-winning, full court blow.

Regardless of where Clanton’s basketball journey goes from here, this will likely stand as one of the highest of highs he will feel in the field of play.
My goodness! The strength the to heave it from that distance is impressive on its own, but the riot-inciting swish is enough to illicit an audible response from even the most cynical of viewers.
The miracle shot gave Central Christian a 64-62 victory in the Sectional 59 Playoffs.
It certainly coaxed one out of me.
Way to go, Josh Clanton, this will undoubtedly get you on the school’s morning news.
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