Ty Lawson Gets Sick After Hitting Up 'Bomb' Taco Tuesday Spot

Try to follow the chain of events: The Sacramento Kings fell to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday, though guard Ty Lawson played well and led the team with nine assists.
With Tuesday off, Lawson decided to go south of the border for dinner and asked the internet if anyone knew of a place that served great taco’s in Sacramento.
Apparently the world of Snapchat provided him with an answer that was to his satisfaction, and he posted this picture shortly after:
Admittedly, they look like really good taco’s. But they were also the likely culprit behind Lawson being unavailable for Wednesday’s nights game.

An upset stomach, basically. It isn’t hard to put two and two together here. It seems pretty straight forward and easy to understand what happened here.
Whether or not the tacos are to blame can’t be known, and it’s besides the point, really. With the Kings taking on the lowly Nets tonight in Sacramento, it’s probably best that Lawson sits out anyone. You don’t want someone on the floor who will burn a time out because they’ve very suddenly need to find the nearest bathroom.
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