Duke Basketball Releases Hype Video Before UNC Game

Duke and North Carolina are historical rivals, which while meaning full, doesn’t always necessarily mean that the coaches and players currently at the program are willing to uphold and feed that rivalry. Rivalries, though once great, can oftentimes become stale, dull formalities that only serve to highlight the difference between what different generations feel is important.
That certainly isn’t the case between these two teams, though.
These two teams still don’t like each other, and Duke’s recent string of success in close games against the Tar Heels ensures this game will be hotly contested. There’s no doubt North Carolina will look to come out in this game guns-blazing, trying to run Duke out of the gym.
Duke wanted everyone to know they’re fired up, too.


In what amounts to a preview or sample of the action that tonights game promises to deliver, Duke released a theatrical trailer for tonights marquee matchup.
With both teams trying to get their final tune ups before the NCAA tournament, this game will be played with the intensity of a Final Four. Both teams want to win badly. North Carolina has had the better season over all, but Duke has won the rivalry in recent history.
The action should be as good as the trailer promises. Gather around with some popcorn, because tonights game could be one of the best of the season.

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