March Madness 2017: Adidas Unveils New Postseason Uniforms

Adidas has unveiled the new uniforms that their teams will wear throughout the 2017 NCAA Tournament and March Madness.
Reception has been generally positive, and it’s easy to see why. The uniforms are all mostly one color and use the secondary team color as subtle accenting on the tops and the shorts.

The shoes appear to be where the most liberty was taken. The designs from team to team vary greatly, while on the whole the shirts and shorts appear to have been built of one of two available templates.
On a more macro-level, the uniforms pay homage to the individual programs. Each, when applicable, has each year that the program has won a national title printed inside the jersey where the tag would normally be.
Perhaps the biggest relief is that there won’t be any of those awful sleeves that have become commonplace. The uniforms are all available at the Adidas store online, as well as at local campus-area retailers.
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