The Most (And Least) Worthwhile Degrees

College has become a mandatory step after high school for those hoping to secure a high-paying job. In fact, many times even that isn’t enough.
So on the off chance you aren’t 6-foot-7, 240 pounds and quick as greased jack-rabbit, you’ll likely be making your living in a far more traditional way than playing pro or collegiate sports.
So how useful is a degree in any given field? Well, who better to ask than people who have actually received those degrees?
Check out the chart below for what graduates feel are the most and least worthwhile degrees to attain.
The infographic comes from Statista:
I have a few issues with this list. Off the top, how are more people happy with their Fine Arts degree than aren’t happy with it? The number of jobs compared available to the number of kids enrolling conservatory programs around the world are wildly disproportionate.
It appears that 53 percent feel that they’re just one more improv class away from “making it.”
It isn’t much a surprise that psychologists are so unhappy with their chosen and learned field. Fortunately, they possess the tools to diagnose and identify the source of their unhappiness, which is, of course, the possession of those tools. It’s a vicious cycle.
No surprise that Chemists love waking up and going to work in the morning. Pharmaceutical companies take care of their own.
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