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Tom Herman Rewards Players With Steak, Punishes Them With Hotdogs


Tom Herman is taking a non-conventional approach to rebuilding the program in Texas.

Herman groups his players in three distinct categories based on their conditioning: gold, green and crimson. Gold is doing everything right, green is on the right track, and crimson has some work to do.

This, in and of itself, isn’t a particularly unique strategy.

What makes Herman’s approach distinct is the fact that, depending on what group you fall into, determines what you get to eat. If you’re in the gold group, you’re going to get the five-star treatment. If you’re in the crimson group, try and eat something before you get there.

The gold group is treated to the works: ribeye steak, shrimp, cheesecake, pasta and triple chocolate cake. If you’re in the crimson group, burnt weenies on a bun.

It doesn’t stop there if you find yourself in the gold group. You are given the opportunity to live off-campus, set their own study hall hours and get first choice equipment. The idea, of course, is to inspire everyone to get in the gold group and thereby improve the performance of all the players on the field.

Herman employed the same tactics while coaching at Houston and it led to fantastic results. Herman will be coaching under a microscope in Texas and they’ll be expecting wins early and often. He better hope those kids like steak.

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