Yankees Make Clint Frazier Cut Hair Because It Was Too Beautiful

If you didn’t know, highly-touted New York Yankees prospect Clint Frazier had some of the most beautiful hair in baseball.
And because the Yankees generally enforce their archaic grooming policy which prevents players from going crazy with the hair on their heads and face, the fans loved it.
Frazier’s flowing red hair was becoming something easily identifiable on the diamond, but the lame-ass Yankees had to ruin it.
Friday morning, the team tweeted out a photo of Frazier getting his hair chopped off.

Way to ruin the fun, Yanks.
Fans weren’t too pleased to see Frazier’s hair go, but things got even worse when the reason for his hair cut came about.
Frazier’s haircut wasn’t actually because he was in violation of the team’s uniform policy. Instead, he cut off his locks because he and manager Joe Girardi agreed that it had become a “distraction.” Seriously.

What year are we living in again? Get it together, Yankees.
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Photo Credit: Yankees PR/Twitter

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