Trump Golf Course Vandalized By Environmental Activists

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If you were planning on playing a full round of golf at the Trump National Golf Course anytime soon, you might be in for a rude awakening. The neatly manicured lawns that often play host to the super-rich were emblazoned with an environmental protest directed towards its namesake.
The message came as a response to the president’s stance on the environment since taking office.
The message read: “NO MORE TIGERS NO MORE WOODS”.
President Donald Trump has angered many with his disregard of environmental issues. It would be more of a headlining issue if it weren’t constantly superseded by every other controversy early in his administration.
A spokesman for the group released the following statement to the Washington Post on their behalf:

“In response to the president’s recent decision to gut our existing protection policies, direct action was conceived and executed on the green of his California golf course in the form of a simple message: NO MORE TIGERS. NO MORE WOODS.”

The lettering, which measured six feet tall, will present more than just an inconvenience for the golf course. Donald Trump is yet to comment on the issue, which was clearly directed at him.
Keep your eyes on twitter, though, it’ll happen.
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