TruTV Doesn’t Take Shots On Twitter Lying Down

It was a boom for TruTV in 2011 when it secured the rights to air NCAA Tournament games. It is undoubtedly the most popular programming on the channel throughout the year, and has spawned something of a love-hate relationship with tournament viewing fans.

Well, love-hate is probably overstating it.

It’s more of a tit-for-tat relationship.

TruTV is very active on it’s official Twitter when it comes to responding to people who choose to poke fun at the fact that the network isn’t very popular.

That happens every year when March Madness comes around and people are scrambling to find the network.

You should be a detective. #FunnyCauseItstru

— truTV (@truTV) March 14, 2017

TruTV is also finding ways to plug some of its more regular programming in the process. Take for instance this sentiment which is likely echoed by the majority of the viewing audience around the world.

Maybe if you got to know us, you'd learn to like us. #FunnyCauseItstru

— truTV (@truTV) March 14, 2017

But it didn’t stop there.

TruTV appears to have staff members assigned directly to responding and ridiculing those who attempt to burn them on the internet. Most tweets are in some way a jab at the fact that the station is hard to find and rarely watched.

Others are directed towards the type of original content truTV produces.

And we're exposed to your trash tweet. Guess we're even? #FunnyCauseItstru

— truTV (@truTV) March 14, 2017

TruTV seems to be playing along, while simultaneously not playing along at all. All of the tweets are marked with the #FunnyCauseItsTrue. Go ahead and take a swipe at TruTV, you might get internet famous because of it.