Rachel Maddow's Donald Trump Tax Return Scoop Fails Miserably

Rachel Maddow went from hero to a zero after failing to deliver on her teased Donald Trump tax return bombshell during Tuesday night’s show. 

Tuesday night, Twitter was abuzz regarding the announcement from Rachel Maddow that MSNBC had obtained a copy of Donald Trump’s tax returns.
For anyone who has followed the political news world over the course of the 2016 campaign and recent months, the Trump tax returns have been a huge talking point. Trump fails to do what every modern candidate before him has down — make them public — while others believe that could further uncover some deep ties to Russia or foreign governments.
So when Maddow announced she was set to release the returns on her show, everyone had their popcorn ready.

Unfortunately, the announcement was a dud.
The big scoop was simply two pages of a 1040 form from 2005, that showed Trump had actually paid $38 million in taxes on a reported income of $150 million. That’s actually a higher tax rate than Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders had paid on recent returns.

The returns also failed to show any of the actual relevant information that could prove conflict of interest or any foreign ties.
In essence, Maddow sold wolf tickets to an incredibly pointless announcement to draw ratings.
She did draw the praise of Donald Trump Jr., though.

That’s a black eye for Maddow and MSNBC, but it’s also likely something much more: a huge distraction.
The news came at a time when the Trump administration is consistently under fire for its Russian ties, it’s seemingly dead on arrival Obamacare replacement plan, and unfounded claims about being spied on by kitchen appliances.
If anything, this may just go to show how media savvy Donald Trump is.
After all, out of all the returns to be leaked to a major news network, you’re telling me it’d be two pages that show the president in a positive light while also being conveniently stamped with a message that reads “client copy”?
Yeah, I wonder who could be behind this leak…

A master of distraction, methinks.

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