VIDEO: Bullfighter Has Rectum Destroyed By Bull

Bullfighting is a dangerous job. When the end result of a show is death, someone is bound to get hurt.
This time though, it wasn’t the bull that was brutally gored by a sharp point, it was the bullfighter. While attempting to lure the bull, the beast made a sudden and unexpected movement that likely caused irreparable bowel damage.
There are a couple of ways to look at this, but the best way is probably with your eyes closed.

You don’t want to say that you’re happy to see this happen, because that’s awful. You’d never want to say that. But what if you just think it? In a sport, lets call it a sport for simplicity’s sake, where an animal is brutally killed as the finale, is it so wrong to be happy to see him win every once and again?
Score one for the home team.
The injury to Mexican torero Antonio Romero resulted in a foot-long laceration to his rectum and anus. The doctor who treated Romero described the injury as follows: “very serious, very severe injury that completely destroyed Romero’s anal sphincter and caused grave injury to his rectum.”
When you play with bulls, you get gored.
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