Tiger Woods' Hairline Becomes Topic On Scott Van Pelt Show

There’s a lot about Tiger Woods’ game that isn’t what it used to be. He was the greatest of all time, for a time, but hasn’t been the golfer that inspired the average joe to watch golf for several years now.
His back is gone. His stroke his gone. Like eighty or ninety different caddies have come and gone.
But there’s something about Tiger Woods that has been slowly falling away as well. It hasn’t gotten as much publicity, though, until now.
Tiger Woods is obviously going bald.
Scott Van Pelt courageously brought it up during his interview with Woods, and it was every bit as uncomfortable as you would imagine:

It’s that thing where SVP can joke about it because he belongs to the club.
In many ways, it’s fitting that Tiger Woods is going bald. His career is probably over, and as his talent recedes, as should his hairline.
While some are still holding out hope that he’ll find his swing and take the world of golf by storm again, most have accepted the fact that the best we’ll ever see Tiger play is now on YouTube.
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