Jake Butt Says NCAA Athletes Should Cash-In On Likeness

Former Michigan tight end Jake Butt made headlines throughout the Michigan Wolverines 2016 season because of his stellar play and fun to say last name. In a number of interviews and spotlight segments, Butt revealed himself to be a fun-loving and able to take things like his last name in stride.
That’s why we should pay at least a little attention to the fact that he is making some very valid remarks concerning the current NCAA standards on players receiving benefits outside of their scholarship.
Butt said:

“They said I can’t go down the street, the example one of them gave us is you can’t go to [get] tires and negotiate your price from $600 to $500 because that’s only because of your name. But Joe Schmo can go down the street and he can negotiate his price. It’s kind of ridiculous to me.”

The issue of using players likeness to turn profit has become a hotly contested in recent history.
For a time, the NCAA allowed players likenesses to be used in a video game produced by EA Sports, which provided the players with no cut of the profits or any compensation of any kind.
But said that receiving a check from the NCAA seemed unlikely, and that it wasn’t what he was angling for. However, he did make reference to the popular ‘I Like Jake Butt and I Cannot Lie,’ t-shirts that are printed and sold without his being able to collect a share of the profits.
Butt, whose ACL tear will likely cause him to drop in the draft, and subsequently cost him several millions of dollars off his contract, can’t help but feel that some of the residual money from that merchandising would have helped soften the blow.

“I should be the example of why college athletes should be getting paid in college or why I can’t use my name to benefit off my likeness in college,” he said.

For the time, it doesn’t appear as if college players can expect any compensation of any time. While there are a number of cases currently in court, it could be a number of years before star athletes who produce millions in revenue for their university athletic programs are able to see any of the income they create.
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Photo Credit: twitter/Michigan Football

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