Sports Anchor Can't Use March Madness Highlights, So He Recreates Them With Legos

It’s the NCAA’s business to protect its investment as much as possible. Because of their desire to increase profitability at any cost, they have prohibited non-CBS stations from broadcasting any clips or highlights of the game for a period of time immediately following its conclusion.
That’s where Fox 17 Nashville sports anchor, Eric Alvarez, decided to take a non-traditional approach to showing the highlights of the game. Alvarez found a way to circumvent the stringent NCAA regulations by using Lego’s instead of video clips to convey the evenings action.

Fortunately for Alvarez he had both a rubber duck and something that can justifiably be called a Jayhawk in a pinch.
The actual highlights were far different from the Lego reenactments, though. Not for a moment are you to believe that each team dunked the ball once and went home.
While the game featuring Gonzaga and Xavier lacked much drama or excitement, the Oregon Ducks pulled off a huge upset over Kansas in a game that was decided by 14 points. Both teams will play their Final Four match ups on Saturday, April 1st.

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