An Actual Masters Green Jacket Is For Sale

If your dream has always been to sink a putt on the greens of Augusta and win the Masters, here’s a shortcut.
Skip all the time and effort it takes to become a world-class golfer, and fork over thousands of dollars to dress the part instead. There is currently a green jacket for sale on
Like an actual green jacket.

The “thrift store” green jacket is shrouded in mystery and golf lore. Discovered in a thrift store in Toronto amongst a pile of other previously worn blazers was an original Masters Tournament Green Jacket.
Once word got out of the finding, interest was rampant.
The item was quickly investigated and authenticated, though details of its origins remained a mystery.

When the so-called “Thrift Store Green Jacket” was first discovered in 1994, the speculation was rampant. Was it real, and if so, where did it come from? The jacket itself revealed few clues. The internal tagging definitively dates the jacket to the early 1950s – one of the earliest green jackets in existence. But the original owner’s name was tantalizingly cut out of the jacket. Augusta National Golf Club may have unintentionally fanned the flames of speculation, as they confirmed the jacket’s authenticity but then refused to answer any questions as to the identity of its original owner. Could it be the long lost green jacket of a Masters Tournament Champion? Did a member mistakenly, or intentionally, remove the green jacket from the club’s grounds many years ago?

The starting bid for the item was $5,000 and that has already risen considerably. As of the writing of this post, the bid was at $10,717 with 10 days remaining in the auction. In addition to the jacket, the winning bidder will receive a number of press clippings from the countless times the jacket has been featured in the news or in magazine shoots.
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