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VIDEO: John Cena Gives Tour Of His ‘Gentleman’s Room’


Don’t call John Cena’s “Gentlemen’s Room” a man-cave. He doesn’t like it.

Cena and longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella provided a tour of Cena’s password-admittance only lounge designed specifically to “encourage conversation.”

I’m not sure how it is designed to do that, it’s a room with some sofa’s.

Described as being created with extra space in the house, the room is roughly eight times the size of the average New York apartment bedroom. Of course, most people renting rooms in an apartment don’t have the estimated $35 million net worth that John Cena has.

As far as Cena’s hangup in calling the room a man cave, it’s understandable. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s reasonable. Described as a place to watch football, drink scotch and smoke cigars, what do you think a man cave is, John? No hate, but come on, it’s a man cave.

Cena has been doing a lot of promotional work for Wrestlemania 33, which will air on Sunday, April 2. Man works hard and Gentleman’s Rooms hard.

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