John Oliver Delivers Epic Rant On Marijuana Law Hypocrisy

With numerous states gradually phasing away anti-marijuana sentiment and decriminalizing the drug in one form or another, John Oliver took aim at the issue on his show, Last Week Tonight.
There has long been grumbling and gripes over the money wasted on enforcing laws that, at best, prohibit a harmless stimulant that grows more rapidly than could reasonably be extinguished. With the acceptance and desire for marijuana legalization at an all time high, roughly 60 percent of Americans would like to see the drug decriminalized, numerous states are joining Oregon and Colorado in making it widely available.
On the whole, marijuana laws have been used as a way of targeting minorities and sorting out who the government felt were potential threats. With hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on sustaining the abolition of marijuana, countless lives have been wasted rotting away in a prison cell over, it finally appears as though the weight of sense is overcoming the weight of prejudice (kinda).

Given the discrepancy in state and federal laws, many dispensaries have been forced to navigate treacherous legal waters to keep their business afloat. The times are changing.
After seeing the boost to the economy in Colorado and Oregon, more states are wanting a piece of the pie.
It appears it won’t be long until marijuana is legal in all 50 states for recreational use. Chill.
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