North Carolina Fan Has The Worst Seat In The House At National Championship

Sometimes you wonder if maybe it’s better if you just watch it on your computer at home. Does it make you less of a fan? Maybe not. But does it make you more of a fan if you spend $115 to watch ants run around in indistinguishable jerseys run around for two half’s? It’s a tough call.
Certainly this fan is willing to pay the price for what might be the worst seat in the entire arena.
Situated in the corner of the nosebleed section, this fan shelled out the dough to sit in the way back.
Check out the view:

The National Championship is being held in Arizona at University of Phoenix Stadium; home of the Arizona Cardinals, the facility seats a capacity of 77,000 people. Due to the overwhelming demand, and the large built-in fan base by long histories of alumnus and current student who wish to attend, the Final Four and National Championship games can not feasibly be held at basketball arenas.
The downside of accommodating so many people at one game? You get views like this. Dude doesn’t seem too bummed about it though, seems like he is taking it with a healthy dose of self-deprication and is happy to be in the arena at all.
If North Carolina wins, it’ll all be worth it for this guy. If they lose, it’s a long walk down to the car.
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