NFL Insiders Not Convinced Tony Romo Is Actually Retiring

Many NFL insiders believe Tony Romo is not actually retiring, and who can blame then?
The Dallas Cowboys attempted to trade Romo, but he ultimately decided to take a job in the booth with CBS, replacing Phil Simms on the network’s No. 1 announcing team.
However, many aren’t seeing this as a permanent solution for the immediate future.

Romo likely became the first person on the top of every teams contingency list. When healthy, he is a top quarterback in the league, capable of making every throw.
However, that’s a big “when,” as Romo has struggled to remain healthy for extended periods of time.

When speaking on his retirement, Romo all but shut the door on his return. He could have shut the door if he wanted to, but it appears he intentionally left it cracked open. Romo didn’t want to retire, he did so only after a market for him failed to materialize.
Who knows, he might un-retire before the season starts if a team wants him to mentor their raw quarterback prospect.
For now, Romo rides off into the sunset, but he won’t ride too far in case he needs to ride back.
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