Conor McGregor Trashed His Liverpool Hotel Room With Laughing Gas Cannisters

He works hard, and apparently parties hard. The worlds most enigmatic fighter continues to make himself impossible to pigeon-hole. Ahead of what could be the potentially highest grossing fight in history, Conor McGregor is living it up in Liverpool and leaving wreckage in his wake.
The UFC fighter and California sanctioned boxer reportedly did thousands of pounds worth of damage and hired his own clean-up crew due to the severity of the destruction.

The most surprising find was a number of empty nitrous oxide canisters that were found in the room. Along with damage to the ceilings, floors, walls and furniture, McGregor and his pals left a least a couple dozen empty canisters.

“There were [whippit] canisters all over the floor, smashed glass and food lying about. They damaged sofas and left cig butts and his Irish flag. He got people in there to clean because of the level of damage. It’s just been carnage. Just full-on partying.”

Do you think Floyd Mayweather is partying like this right now? Or do you think he’s putting in the work? Who are we to judge? Maybe this is the way McGregor has always gone about his business, part of his method. He’s never laid an egg in the middle of the Octagon before and it’s probably unfair to assume he isn’t taking his fight with Mayweather seriously because of something like this.
However, it doesn’t sound like the type of Rocky III wilderness of Siberia type training is going on here, and that might be what he needs to knock-off the winningest fighter of all time. If they even meet, that is.
McGregor is also expecting his first child, so perhaps this was a last hurrah, of sorts. Either way, hiring your own clean up crew so that you don’t wreck the day for the hotel staff? Classy move.
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Photo Credit: Instagram

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