VIDEO: Roger Goodell Greeted By A Symphony Of Boos

Roger Goodell probably asks his friends not to watch.
It’s become an annual tradition, and one that the commissioner would happily be willing to break.
As we’ve seen in the past, Goodell is met with enough boo’s to drown out an air force flyover and has to pretend that it doesn’t faze him a bit.
While the loudest chorus of boo’s occurs as Gooddell emerges to announce the opening of the draft, there are smattering of boo’s every time he comes out.
Goodell makes unpopular decisions and has a reputation with players as being an overbearing czar. The photo he takes with players as they hold a jersey and hat bearing the logo of their new employer is the closest he’ll be to them for the rest of their careers. Quick to hand out suspensions, incoming players likely aren’t as bitter as those who have already experienced his tyranny first hand.
Through the first eight picks of the draft, fans have booed to announced Goodell as he called the following picks:

  1. Browns – Myles Garrett
  2. Chicago Bears – Mitch Trubisky
  3. 49ers – Solomon Thomas
  4. Jaguars – Leonard Fournette
  5. Titans – Corey Davis
  6. Jets – Jamal Adams
  7. Chargers – Mike Williams
  8. Panthers – Christian McCaffery

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