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Paige VanZant’s Sexy Reebok Video Deleted After Backlash From Fellow Fighters


Paige VanZant again finds herself in the midst of a minor media storm.

While promoting Reebok’s new “Black & White” line of sportswear, VanZant pouts her lips and speaks in the most “come hither” tone she can muster while giving her sales pitch.

VanZant almost immediately deleted the self-made ad, but once you put something out on the internet it is there forever.

Reception by those on social media has been…mixed.

Mixed is the wrong word.

Negative is a better one. Reception on social media from her peers has been negative.

VanZant removed the video from her personal Twitter page shortly after it was originally posted.

VanZant replaced the video with the following image:

Many of VanZant’s fellow UFC fighters feel that she has been given an undue amount of publicity and press, something they feel she hasn’t earned. Having already headlined two events, the backlash VanZant faced from fellow UFC fighters after posting the video is not surprising.

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Michael is originally from Miami, FL and is of Cuban descent. He holds BFA from the University of Florida/New World School of the Arts and is also a New York city based stand-up comedian. Michael is 5'11", but wears elevators in his shoes to make himself 6 feet tall. Twitter: @MichaelNapoles
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