LISTEN: Pacman Jones Gets Curses Out 911 Operator After Car Accident

Pacman Jones doesn’t like to repeat himself, and he doesn’t like back sass. After a recent car wreck, the 911 operator he spoke to on the phone was giving him plenty of both, and he fired back.
TMZ sports recently got a hold of Jones’ 911 call and it is exactly what you expect, except for one thing: The aggression on the side of the operator! What’s up with that?
As Jones is attempting to tell her where he the wreck occurred, the operator cuts him off mid sentence: “OK I understand you’re on 125, 125 is a very long–“.
At that point, Jones interrupts and asks her to stop yelling.
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“Can you stop f**king yelling on the phone!? I just got into a wreck. I’m kinda shook up. I’m trying to find where the f*ck I’m at. Good God Almighty.”

Could have done without the expletive, but he’s absolutely right. What kind of way is that to handle someone who is calling to tell you that they’ve been in a car accident and need help? That was nothing compared to what was coming later in the call though. When the operator asks Jones to describe the vehicle, he responds: “A f**king Rolls-Royce.”
After the operator asked him if that were really the car that was involved, he lost it. He clearly wasn’t finding her very helpful, and she seemed to be about through with the conversation as well.
You never know what was going on right before the operator took that call, but goodness me, she made that interaction a lot more difficult than it needed to be.
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