St. Louis Cardinals Sexist Tweet About Promotion Draws Immediate Backlash

The St. Louis Cardinals put their foot in their mouths with this one.
Ahead of one of the cooler promotions scheduled around baseball this year, the Cardinals recent tweet advertising the promotion had the exact opposite effect they were intending.
On May 17, they won’t just be giving away replica 1967 World Series rings, they’ll be giving away replica 1967 attitudes towards women as well.

This isn’t really the point of the story, but World Series rings have gotten a lot gaudier then they used to be.
The Cardinals later deleted the tweet, and would really like it if we all just totally forgot about the whole thing. Too bad, Cardinals! As the National League team with more World Series than anyone else, you should know how to handle your replica ring promotions a little more tactfully.
It would be easy to rail on and on about how idiotic it was for them to tweet something like that out. And it was idiotic, there is no way around that. But at least the reaction to the tweet was so strong, that they deleted the tweet shortly after posting. At least we are living in a world that will call out this kind of thing when they see it (on the internet anyway).
Hopefully whoever was responsible for concocting this tweet and posting it on the Cardinals website learned a lesson from it all.
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