VIDEO: Cincinnati Football Players Make Hilarious 'Full House' Parody

Somehow Bob Saget was perfectly miscast as the goody-two-shoes father who was obsessed with cleanliness and quick with a hug. Revitalized by the Netflix reboot, “Full House” is being rebooted for a third time.
This go around, it’s by members of the Cincinnati football team.

That’s perhaps the happiest dorm I’ve ever seen. They don’t show the part where dishes pile up and macaroni has fused with the strainer because it’s been sitting so long.
But they didn’t show that stuff in the actual Full House either, so I guess the parody is spot on!
The video is surprisingly funny considering the volume of parodies and Full House meme’s available for those interested. The players time their physical action nicely, the different scenarios differ from the original, but not too much. This wasn’t just thrown together by some college kids with spare time, this is good stuff!
One question remains: with the semester winding down, shouldn’t they be studying for finals?
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