Kobe Sends Autographed Jersey, Sneakers To Brother Of Slain Jordan Edwards

This certainly doesn’t make up for anything, but Kobe Bryant’s gesture hopefully made Kevon Edwards’ birthday a lot more enjoyable. The brother of 15- year old Jordan Edwards, who was fatally shot by police while leaving a party, this was Kevon’s first birthday without his brother.
The attorney handling his brothers case, S. Lee Merritt tweeted out photos of the boy with the swag that Kobe sent him for his big day.

On the jersey, Kobe wrote “To Kevon, Do epic things! God bless. Much love!”
Jordan Edwards was shot by officer Roy Oliver, who has since been dismissed from the Baclh Springs Police Department. Oliver is being brought forward against chargers of murder connected to the slaying. Oliver had a history of behavioral reprimand prior to the shooting, leading many to feel that this could have been avoided.
As it stands, the Edwards family continues to suffer through unimaginable mourning. But hopefully, even if only for a moment, the jersey and sneakers from Kobe helped put a smile on Kevon’s face on his birthday.

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