John Cena Reveals Workout Routine & Diet

It’s no secret that WWE superstar John Cena is in incredible shape and he works hard to maintain his physique, so it’s only natural to wonder how Cena is able to always stay in top form.
After all, who doesn’t want to know fitness tips from one of the top professional wrestlers in the world?
Well, thanks to a new interview with Business Insider, we now have some health and fitness tips from Cena, who shared his workout routine and diet.
Cena makes it all sound so easy, too.

Workout routine:
“Weekly workout routine, there is no day-by-day because the travel is crazy. The days very, there’s no daily schedule.
“Four days on, three days off usually. Two days of compound strength movements, which is like, multiple joint stuff. Two days of push-pull, with the goal of being stronger every day.”
“My daily diet – Stay away from the junk. If it breathes or if it’s green, eat it. And just overall make good decisions.”

Alrighty then.
It’s time to get out there, eat your greens and hit the gym.
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Photo Credit: YouTube

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