VIDEO: Boxer's Uncle Sucker Punches Opponent After Fight Is Over

Here’s one for all you sucker-punch fans…
During the WBA super middleweight title fight Saturday, Jose Uzcategui knocked down Andre Dirrell during a vicious flurry. The final blow came after the bell had sounded, and Uzcategui was disqualified immediately.
Following the knockdown blow, the two fighters seemed to reach an agreement and make amends. Uzcategui appeared conciliatory for the late hit, and Dirrell appeared to accept his apology. That’s not where the story ends, though. The punches didn’t really start getting thrown until after the fight was over.

Cheap shot. Despite the fact that Uzcategui was caught totally off-guard by the blow, he didn’t go down. Absorbing a shot on the chin, and one on the collar, the fighter appears only slightly dazed.
The man who threw the punches was Andre Dirrell’s uncle, who is also part of his fight team. Dirrell is now on the run, and police are actively looking for him. The sheriff’s office says it will arrest him when he is found.

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